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9. Flocking. Electrostatic flocking to the emerging new technologies in the textile industry. It is the use of a high voltage electrostatic field planted in the fabric above the staple fiber products. Backpack Banner The flocking process is simple, three-dimensional sense of strong, low cost, widely used in rubber, plastics, leather, decorative products, Standard Flag Size especially for small quantities of the tourism product, showing its tremendous advantages. Flocking pattern in shoes, hats, children's clothing, trademarks, clothing, decoration, will make it look unique.


With the development of the industrialization of high-pressure static processing and polymer chemistry, the resin binder material, flocking processing rapid improvement, product quality is improved, a large area of ​​the flocking process to cloth, its use is very extensive . Backpack Banner


flocking  process works. Custom Advertising Feather Flags The flocking is printed on the substrate surface coated with the adhesive layer, along with the fiber powder with the adhesive layer bonding, a process method velveteen-like fabric  products. This process is the invention was inspired by the method of manufacturing sandpaper. In the dyeing process is very special. Backpack Banner Feather Flags Wholesale


Electrostatic flocking homosexual in an electric field, the two objects with different charge repulsion, a process designed by the principle of opposites attract. High-voltage electrostatic field generated by the electrostatic generator, one end mounted on the metal-line fuzzy, a termination of flocking fabric coated with adhesive to the ground pole on. Fluff with a negative charge in the metal online, attracted by the positively charged ground electrode will be perpendicular to accelerate plant coated adhesive fabric, if the fluff is not planted due to the electric field, positively charged, that will be attracted back to the metal online. Fluff in electrostatic floor beating constantly, until the fabric evenly up planting the full velvet.


The principle of electrostatic flocking, although relatively simple, but the electrostatic flocking technology for our country, has just begun. Requirements together, the four areas of electrical, chemical fiber, machinery, technology can be processed into unique flocking products. Custom Feather Flags Wholesale


flocking material. The three basic materials for electrostatic flocking is fluff, fabric adhesive.


a. fluff. Category: The most common fiber used for flocking is rayon, nylon, acrylic, polyester four kinds, such as listed in Table 4-10.


Flocking plant products need to select the fiber fluff, if you need to wear the product can be used nylon or polyester, low-cost viscose fiber can be used. Backpack Banner


Specifications: the specifications of the villi refers to the length and fineness of the villi. Proportional relationship between the two would be difficult to plant a qualified product, if this proportion of the dysfunctional relationship. Such as too slender villi, are prone to wound flocking difficult to tie in the adhesive layer deep. Conversely too thin and short villi, flocking surface roughness, loss of style. Flocking fiber selection, refer to Table 4-11. The fiber thickness is usually once (D), Buy Custom Flags expressed in millimeters in length. Dan is denier, 9000 m long fiber weighs how many grams of its denier is how much. Once the smaller the number, the finer the fiber.




Table 4-10 fluff fiber classification


Fiber varieties of viscose nylon acrylic polyester


Performance fastness good good good good


Wear poor good good good


Feel good poor good poor


Lightfast good poor good good


Appearance and color, good good good good


Low cost price in the high




Table 4-11 flocking fiber choice Backpack Banner


Product variety fluff thickness (D), villus length (mm)


Clothing, curtains, shoes, hats 1.5 3 0.5 1


Arts and crafts, etc. 0.8 ~ 1.2


Building materials, decorative 3 ~ 51 ~ 2


The blankets class 5 to 203 5




(b) adhesive. The flocking adhesive is an emulsion type most of the choice of self-crosslinking acrylic emulsion adhesive. Flocking adhesives to meet the following conditions:


Cohesive force on the fabric and fluff.


Flocking soft to the touch.


Poor surface film, in order to facilitate flocking.


Moderate viscosity, in order to facilitate the spray on the fabric coated, scratch.


Chemical stability, good weather resistance and resistance to washing.


Easy to operate, adding a small amount of viscosity modifier used to adjust the viscosity.


Nontoxic, nonflammable, save of more than six months.


(c) fabric. Fabric, also known as fabric. Flocking fabric should be based on the use of flocking products to choose is preferable to a heavy curtain, felt rugs, decorative fabric for the fabric, and flocked fabric used for clothing, hats, etc., while the thin fabric fabric better.


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