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Car Flag Makers, Car Flag Maker

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Second,  spendthrift sculpture

The spendthrift main cast from a copper alloy. Car Flag Makers Copper 97.5% to 98%, zinc 2% to 2.8%, the impurity less than 0.2%. The new spendthrift circumference of 445mm. The spendthrift, may continue to use the car to the original pattern. Spendthrift car, its circumference was reduced by approximately 1.5 ~ 2.5mm. When the circumference of less than 350mm. Spendthrift middle is empty, and tapered. The spendthrift's length by the width of the  machine.

Copper roller  machine , the pattern engraved on the copper roller to form a sculpture of the sunken pattern of the process is called spendthrift. Spendthrift carving are: reduce the engraving, photo engraving, steel core, sculpture and electronic carving. The hand-carved for the repair of some special patterns or spendthrift. Car Flag Makers Regardless of how the sculpture, its purpose will always prints vividly carved up in the spendthrift, so that the cloth on, down, left, right continuous and faithful to the flower-shaped design. The following is a brief introduction to commonly used to reduce the engraving method.

Narrow carving the basic process procedures for: Printable Race Car Flags

Prints the loft stereotypes (zinc plate)

Reduce the wax of the machine engraving → → spendthrift corrosion manual repair and inspection

Old spendthrift turning (or new spendthrift) polishing waxing

Check flat proofing Repair chromium plating polishing.

Wax, also known as wax. Coated with a layer of preservative is actually ready spendthrift. The spendthrift coated with preservative layer, and then on a narrow machine engraved pattern. Pattern wax layer is crossed out in the back of the corrosion process, a pattern of local corrosion dimples, while the remaining part due to the The preservatives existence can not be corrosion, left intact, they formed a variety of patterns. Auto Racing Flags For Sale

The loft is to enlarge the design pattern painting in the zinc plate, carved patterns, and zinc board pattern is further reduced by narrowing the machine into a pattern of the original pattern size, carved in the wax on the spendthrift. The zinc plate lofting process is first crossed on AS magnification to draw grid lines or straight-line geometry. Car Flag Makers Zoned irregular flower, put the original pattern by putting the prototype, according to the desired magnification, depicting the zinc plate. In the multi-chromatic pattern loft, but also in accordance with AS color coloring. Zinc plate end of the loft evacuation to reduce the machine engraving.

The carving is on a narrow machine. Carved through the narrow machine will enlarge the board in the speech pattern down to the original pattern size, and transfer to characterize the pattern has Cheap Yard Flags  been waxing the spendthrift. Pattern, the wax has been crossed out, depression pattern formed by etching. Finally, repair and inspection, sampling, chrome plating, polishing and other post-processes can be used for .

Third, the flat screen  machine Car Flag Maker

Flat screen  flexibility, less investment in equipment, able to adapt to a small volume, variety and production requirements,  copy number of unrestricted, but the dye Shennong, mostly used for handkerchiefs, towels, bed linen, knitted fabrics, silk, wool  of fabrics and decorative fabrics.

Flat screen  machine is divided into the box to move flat screen  machine and the cloth moving flat screen  machine, also known as screen  machine.

(A) frame moving flat screen  machine such  machines are Push, upcoming fabric panel fixed on the  units,  mesh box along the platen by the shift to make the intermittent movement. Semi-automatic flat screen  from the manual flat screen  machine, instead of the heavy labor of the hand . Outdoor Decorative Flags Figure 3-3 is the schematic diagram of the box to move the flat screen  machine platen.

 plate mounted on a wooden or metal shelves, height of about 0.7m, the table covered with leatherette, underneath a blanket, it has some flexibility, and require the entire table seamless. car flag makers For version sake of accuracy, in the reserve rules hole edge of the table insert, so the screen orientation to the rules for the screen frame on the nail. Garden House Flags Wholesale Screen frame is one per color, not sticky ride with the first color of the wet pulp, often using a hot plate to the first color heat (about 45 ° C or so in order to try to make the second block of color screen frame), the heating in the table The following installation indirect steam pipe (or electric equipment), keep them evenly warm.

Feather Flag & Pole & Spike & Base: As low as $49.00 to $59.00 !
Custom 3x5 Flags: As low as $6.00 to $13.50 !
Hand Flags: As low as $0.50 to $1.50 !
Car Flags: As low as $1.00 to $3.00 !
  All pricing based on quantity desired.
Unlimited Colors & No Set-up Fee's!

Minimum Order: 1

 custom printed flags
  • Color:  Any colors are available, Unlimited Colors & No Set-up Fee's!

  • Logo:  Any logos are available

  • Flags Material:   Knitted material / 100% Polyester / Nylon / Cotton / Satin and etc

  • Flagpole Material:  Aluminium alloy / Fiberglass / Wooden / Plastic

  • Normal Flag Size:   2'x3', 3'x5', 4'x6', 5'x8' and can be customized.
  • Hand Flag Size:  5"x8",  8"x12", 12"x18" and can be customized.
  • Car Flag Size:  8"x12", 12"x18" and can be customized.
  • Feather Flag/Teardrop Flag size:
  • S, pole total height is 8.5ft, after setting up, it is about 7ft.  (flag size: about  5.8'x1.3' ) 
    M, pole total height is 11 ft, after setting up, it is about 9.2ft. (flag size: about 7.9'x2.0' )
    L, pole total height is 15.1ft, after setting up, it is about 13ft.  (flag size: about 11.2'x2.3' )
    XL, pole total height is 18.4ft, after setting up, it is about 16ft. (flag size: about 13.5'x2.6' )

  • Delivery Time:    small order – 1 to 2 days, big order – 10 to 15 days

  • Shipping Time:  1 to 2 days to North America, Europe.
  •                                           2 to 3 days to Australia, New Zealand.
  •                                           3 to 5 days to other countries.