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Cheap Flag Printing   Cheap Flag Printing


Two liquid reaction type ink, often used in the  of evaporation drying type ink is more difficult to adhesive substrates. Cheap Flag Printing Curing the ink film, especially the heat-curing ink film and excellent physical properties. The typical ink of the two liquid reaction type epoxy, the carbamate Department of ink, and more used in the metal surface coating, thermosetting resin, glass, and other .


(d) UV curing ink (UV ink). The UV ink is the result of photochemical reaction, the ink can be cured within a very short few seconds. The main component of the ink photopolymerization resin, light polymerization initiator, Cheap Flag Printing pigment and additives, in principle, containing organic solvents. Yard Flags And Banners


In the field, the study was to investigate the UV-curing ink has been more than a decade-long, and more and more practical. In particular, UV ink has entered the practical stage in the  board.


The advantages of UV inks not only speed hardening properties of the ink film, it also has the function of solvent-based inks. Of course, the UV ink is not universal ink. The following UV inks do a brief introduction: Cheap Flag Printing


UV ink composition. The composition of of ultraviolet ink is generally as follows: that the the an oligomers of the light polymerization Xing resin and the reactive diluent type A; light polymerization initiator agent; pigments; auxiliaries; polymerization inhibitors.


UV inks and solvent-based ink composition shown in Table 3-5. Cheap Garden Flags Wholesale


Table 3-5 ink composition


UV ink project solvent-based inks


High viscosity gathered material link to material thermoplastic resin


A variety of solvents of low viscosity gathered material monomer class


Photopolymerization initiator catalyst


Pigment pigment pigment Yard Flags And Banners


Defoamers, a variety of adjusting agent additives, defoamers, a variety of adjusting agent


Polymerization inhibitor other non-




We can see that the solvent-based ink solvent to adjust the viscosity, UV ink feel the viscosity of the oligomer and monomer reactive diluent to adjust viscosity, so it is 100% optional hair ink on the VV The inks points a liquid-type and liquid type. Custom Car Flags Cheap Liquid type of pigment dispersion in the low viscosity of the monomer and oligomers become the primary colors pulp and coating phase mixture.


a) light polymerization of resin. Exposure to ultraviolet light polymerization technology 1940 had to research, Cheap Flag Printing the original use of the resin is unsaturated polyester Department. Subsequently, with the expanding use of light-curing resin, was used to develop better performance of the propylene resin. The photopolymerization resin into oligomers and reactive diluents.


Oligomers is several basic molecular aggregation, low viscosity liquid, high viscosity liquid and semi-solid, basic properties of the resin is a decision of UV ink, the main varieties of polyester propyl ester salt, epoxy urethane propyl formate.


The reactive diluents are generally low viscosity, high boiling point of the monomer and polymer. Reactive diluent used for the adjustment of the ink viscosity and increase the curing and adhesion.


b) light polymerization initiator. Light polymerization initiator to produce radicals under UV irradiation, Checkered Flags For Sale the polymerization with the monomer. Light gathering of the initiator in the compounds, sulfur compounds, azo compounds, organic peroxides, carboxylic compounds.


c) The pigments. General use does not hinder the good pigment ink hardening and stability.


d) additives. The same additives and solvent-based inks.


e) The polymerization inhibitor. Add a small amount in order to prevent the ink of the dark reaction. Cheap Flag Printing


Hardening mechanism. As previously mentioned UV ink to react due to ultraviolet light, ultraviolet light wavelength domain, is an electromagnetic wave, the light with particles.


Photopolymerization resin reaction is first of all light polymerization initiator of the absorbed UV energy to generate free radicals, the role of atoms in the oligomers and monomers, and began to aggregate. And then through a chain reaction, repeated growth reaction and the chain of mobile response. The end to stop the reaction, the formation of hardened ink film in an instant.


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