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Colored Flags At Beach

Colored Flags At Beach

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Colored Flags At Beach   Colored Flags At Beach


A common classification of surfactants is to be divided into two major categories of ionic and non-ionic and ionic surfactants can also be subdivided into cationic surfactant soluble in water, the charge brought anionic, amphoteric three categories, as follows:

Anionic surfactants Colored Flags At Beach

 Ion type table –

Surfactant cationic surfactant

Surfactants –

Amphoteric surfactants


Non-ionic surfactants

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The surfactant can significantly reduce the surface tension of water, reduce the degree within a certain concentration range, and the surfactant concentration is related to the surface tension of the solution no longer reduced when the concentration reaches a certain value. Surface tension to achieve the minimum value required for the lowest concentration called critical micelle concentration (CMC). Different surfactants with different critical micelle concentration, Colored Flags At Beach the use of surfactant concentration should be slightly larger than the critical micelle concentration, in order to fully play its role. Discount Swooper Flags

General dyeing and finishing, the main use of anionic and nonionic types of surface-active agent. Commonly used in the following varieties:

(1) anionic surfactants:

Nekal: good wetting agent.

Marked oil: usually made of castor oil with sulfuric acid has good wetting properties, commonly used in fabric scouring.

Soap: the higher fatty acids sodium salt and excellent performance. But in hard water are susceptible Personalized Advertising Flags to fatty acids, calcium and magnesium salt precipitation, precipitation of fatty acid in acidic solution is easily decomposed, thus losing the washing capacity, and cloth body stiffen. If the adhesive is difficult to remove the equipment guide roller. Colored Flags At Beach

Alkyl benzene sulfonate (ABS): the main component of household detergents, acid and hard water, and decontamination capabilities are better.

Diffusion agent NN0: more than used as a staining dye dispersant.

2 non-ionic surfactants:

Penetrant JFC (also known as wetting agent EA): acid, alkali, hard water stability for desizing auxiliaries, pickling, bleaching, scouring and bleaching.

Peregal 0: there is a strong diffusion capacity, are used for dyeing, . Advertising Flags For Businesses

The anionic surfactants can not use the same bath with the cationic surfactant, or they will be combined with each other failure. Versa for the other cationic additives and dye-bath will cause the dye defect. Colored Flags At Beach On the contrary, the cationic surfactant, generally not with anion additives, dyes use the same bath. However, ionic surfactants and non-ionic surfactant with the bath. The surfactant rapid development, a wide variety of textile dyeing and finishing should choose the best surfactant to improve the quality of  and dyeing products.

Section II pre-treatment technology and equipment

, Cotton and blended fabric pre-treatment Teardrop Flags Wholesale

(A) the pre-treatment of cotton fabrics

Cotton fabric pre-treatment shall be subject to singeing, desizing, scouring, bleaching, mercerization process, the process is longer, the equipment used. These processes can bring the process to remove natural impurities in cotton fiber and textile pulp dirt, pure cotton fabric dyeing process to provide qualified semi-finished follow-up printed.

In cotton fabric processing, singeing and mercerizing width status, and other process can open width or rope, but the thick fabric and polyester blend fabric is still open width processing is appropriate, crease rabbit generate, Colored Flags At Beach influence The dyeing process. Process processing requirements and associated equipment are described below.

A. The fabric ready and singeing Colored Flags At Beach

(1) fabric ready to include fabric inspection, turn cloth (in batches, sub boxes, ), the sewing head. Preparatory work in the original cloth between the fabric sent by the sub-box seam of the fabric singeing between.

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