Custom Advertising Flags

Custom Advertising Flags, Advertising Flags Wholesale

Custom Advertising Flags, Advertising Flags Wholesale

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Custom Advertising Flags   Advertising Flags Wholesale

Custom Advertising Flags   Advertising Flags Wholesale

Custody, the net box The screen frame is reusable finished materials, production of plates and screen frame custody of conservation will directly affect the quality of plate and . (1) the level of storage. Custom Advertising Flags, Advertising Flags Wholesale In order to reduce the network box in the presence of the process of deformation, damage and general level of network box can be stacked or erected placed. , The laying of the level of accumulation should not be too high to prevent the bottom of the screen frame deformation. Maker Of Custom Flags (2) anti-collision, anti-stress. Weight and collisions are often caused by the deformation and damage of the screen frame, deformation and damage of network box can not be used for the plate, otherwise it will affect the plate quality storage, transportation, access to the network box to light light should be added in the transport process liners and isolation materials, to prevent collision damage.
(3) moisture.Custom Advertising Flags Wooden screen frame depots status should be dry, well ventilated, to prevent the tide caused by deformation of its strength and plate quality. Fourth, the stretching process Stretching the process. Stretching should be the first according to the size selected the screen frame, the screen frame and adhesive side of clean. If this is the first use of the screen frame, light friction with a fine sandpaper rough surface, so that the screen frame, so easy to improve the screen frame and the cohesive force. If the process of using the network box is also friction with sandpaper, clean, remove the residual glue and other substances. Stretching before, after cleaning the screen frame, Advertising Flags Wholesale the first contact with the surface pre-coated again adhesive and allow to dry. Stretching, by hand or mechanical stretching, Cheap Flags For Sale taut closely aligns with the network box, and in contact with the screen frame sections, coated adhesive, and then dried, note that the adhesive should not be coated with Feng too thick or too thin, available rubber sheet or a soft cloth in the dry side to wipe the bonding part of the side to apply some pressure to make more solid bond with the network box. To be bonding glue is dry, release the external tension, cut net around the box outside, and then use the single-sided self-adhesive tape attached to the parts of the box with network bonding, which can play the role of protection and network box , but also to prevent the of solvent or water on the adhesive dissolved, in order to ensure the effective use of the printed version. 2 manual Stretching.
The manual Stretching is a simple traditional methods. Custom Advertising Flags Usually applied to wooden screen frame. This method is the artificial use of nails, wood, adhesives and other materials will be fixed in a wooden frame. Manually stretching the tension generally able to meet the requirements, but the tension is uneven, Advertising Flags Wholesale the operation is troublesome and time-consuming, stretching difficult to guarantee quality. This method is used for a small number of s and s accuracy of less demanding situations. Custom Made Flags For Sale Figure 2-33 stretching process The most simple stretching 2-34 shown with a wedge of wood fixed. Into the law net should be cut into 2 to 3 cm in a major than the four sides of the screen frame size, water wet, by the parallels with the box edge in parallel on the box. Figure 2-34 shows. If ABCD as the four corners of the screen frame, the operator standing on the position of E, will be embedded in the wood at one end into the trench A, so that the tension to the direction of B, then into EB embedded wood, AB edge fixed. Then the operator G the position of standing taut, point C into the embedded strips of wood and fixed. And then the side will be the direction of the arrow taut side into the G and D. And then use the same method to the fixed F and H side.
Therefore, the fixed sequence for ① The AB side, (2) CD side ③ The the BD side, ④ the CA side. Size than the screen frame a hand stretching method, said it in a box, nail net gravity stapler (Figure 2-35), nails net, try to make taut, large 2 ~ 3cm. Taut nail stapler gravity network. Figure 2-36.Custom Advertising Flags

Feather Flags Feather Flags Wholesale Custom Feather Flags

Feather Flag & Pole & Spike & Base: As low as $49.00 to $59.00 !
Custom 3x5 Flags: As low as $6.00 to $13.50 !
Hand Flags: As low as $0.50 to $1.50 !
Car Flags: As low as $1.00 to $3.00 !
  All pricing based on quantity desired.
Unlimited Colors & No Set-up Fee's!

Minimum Order: 1

 custom printed flags
  • Color:  Any colors are available, Unlimited Colors & No Set-up Fee's!

  • Logo:  Any logos are available

  • Flags Material:   Knitted material / 100% Polyester / Nylon / Cotton / Satin and etc

  • Flagpole Material:  Aluminium alloy / Fiberglass / Wooden / Plastic

  • Normal Flag Size:   2'x3', 3'x5', 4'x6', 5'x8' and can be customized.
  • Hand Flag Size:  5"x8",  8"x12", 12"x18" and can be customized.
  • Car Flag Size:  8"x12", 12"x18" and can be customized.
  • Feather Flag/Teardrop Flag size:
  • S, pole total height is 8.5ft, after setting up, it is about 7ft.  (flag size: about  5.8'x1.3' ) 
    M, pole total height is 11 ft, after setting up, it is about 9.2ft. (flag size: about 7.9'x2.0' )
    L, pole total height is 15.1ft, after setting up, it is about 13ft.  (flag size: about 11.2'x2.3' )
    XL, pole total height is 18.4ft, after setting up, it is about 16ft. (flag size: about 13.5'x2.6' )

  • Delivery Time:    small order – 1 to 2 days, big order – 10 to 15 days

  • Shipping Time:  1 to 2 days to North America, Europe.
  •                                           2 to 3 days to Australia, New Zealand.
  •                                           3 to 5 days to other countries.