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The character of the label, Display Flags two-component ink writing is best to use a solvent, or coated with a layer of solvent on a transparent coating. In this way, providing the necessary facilities for the network version of the long-term preservation and repeated use. Cheap Custom Flag Printing




Figure 2-46 bonding method


1 – the net frame 2 – adhesive 3 – 4 – water-soluble tape




(12) common stretching binder. Display Flags


a polyvinyl acetal plastic. Butyral, a polyvinyl alcohol as the main component of the binder, strong bond, a wide range of applications. Type of binder, can be used for wood screen frame, the bond stretching of the metal mesh box, generally prepared from the resin, such as ethanol.


(b) polyethylene vinyl acetate copolymer rubber. A vinyl chloride and vinyl acetate copolymerization of polymers. Strong adhesive, resistant to acid, dilute alkali, and more for the bond stretching of the wooden box. Custom Flags Wholesale


c chloroprene rubber binder. Is a neoprene rubber as the main component adhesives. Used for bond shed network of multi-network \ box. Display Flags


(d) cyanoacrylate adhesives. Acrylate adhesive. Α ethyl cyanoacrylate and other made is one component of the thin liquid without reinforcement agent, rapid curing at room temperature. With somewhat less sticky combination of performance, water resistance, alkali resistance. Can be used to bond stretching of the wood, metal mesh box.


(e) epoxy resin binder. Tie made from epoxy resin and curing agent binder. For different needs, can be added various additives. Such as adding solvents or thinners to reduce viscosity, and conducive to the operation; add curing promoting agent (tertiary amines and phenols) in order to accelerate the curing and shorten the process time; by adding antioxidants to improve the service life. The binder has excellent bonding properties, viscosity, Display Flags high strength, small shrinkage after curing, and chemical resistance characteristics. Used for the bond stretching of the metal mesh box. High Quality Flags For Sale


Commercially available sticky network glue, model diversity, more than the name of the commodity sales, selection should read the instructions.


10 Stretching the quality requirements.


stretching tension of choice. Precision and the accuracy of the plates, while the tension is an important factor affecting the silk screen quality. Tension with the material of the screen frame and strength of the material, temperature, humidity, stretching method.


Usually in the manual stretching and tension meter, tension to determine the main rule of thumb. Stretching when the side of the stretch, side with your fingers suppress, the general pressure with your fingers, feel some degree of flexibility. Display Flags


Stretching machine and the screen frame stretching, are normally used for the test than the tension of the tension meter. Promotional Flags Wholesale




Figure 2-47 Tension caused by insufficient volume network




The tension is not the bigger the better. Tension is too large, beyond the elastic limit of the material will lose resilience, brittle, or even tear; lack of tension, the soft, lack of resilience, easy to elongation, or even volume network (Figure 2-47), seriously affecting the  accuracy and quality.


In addition, the rated tension should also consider the operating conditions, such as precision temperature and humidity changes, washing momentum, from the size of the network, Flags Importer Corp squeegee stretch, ink shear bond strength and the ups and downs of the substrate surface, are likely to cause tension movements in the calibration should be taken into account, Table 2-24 lists the different  when the task was rated tension for readers' reference.


Stretching the tension can also be used to stretch the amount of control, Table 2-25 for the elastic limit and the  of SST elongation limit. Stretched a good network, yet without losing the flexibility to have a good resistance to elongation in order to ensure that the small network distance, the  of high-precision requirements. Comply with such conditions, the stretching tension, referred to as rated (best) tension.


The warp and weft threads to keep the vertical. The warp and weft yarn should be stretched a good vertical screen frame side. Stretching The first is to pull, that is, force and wire to be consistent. Cable-stayed will appear similar to Figure 2-48 as the wire to different; two lateral movement when the tensile clamping net, each mesh do perpendicular to the tension direction parallel move, as shown in Figure 2-49. Which left the situation, before drawing in the net in the picture shows the network folder to be able to traverse the drawing in the net, the right picture shows the network folder can not traverse the Latin American network, the right picture shows the network folder can not traverse the drawing in the net. Wire a few to maintain exactly the same, the trace of a folder to cross the Long March Hotel Latin American network equipment, this machinery is almost impossible to changes as small as possible, only requires wire.


Table 2-24 different  tasks SST tension


Type  of task type rated force (N / cm.)


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