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In short, the application of biological enzyme scouring compared with the alkali refining, the water absorption of fabrics, dyeing depth, dyeing uniformity are similar, but can reduce the scouring effluent toxicity and the quantity of sewage. Scouring of cotton fabric, in the the absorbent basically the same case, the biological enzyme scouring wastewater CODcr value of 760mg / L, and one bath alkali scouring wastewater CODcr value of 1800mg / L, Garden House Flags biological enzyme scouring more than 2 times.

  3. Biological enzyme bleaching Cheap Decorative Garden Flags

The commonly used non-chlorine bleach, hydrogen peroxide, which is an environment-friendly bleach. After hydrogen peroxide bleaching, the fabric is usually removed using sodium thiosulfate and other reducing agent hydrogen peroxide left in the fabric to avoid the follow-up staining dye spot and dyed flowers. Garden House Flags Catalase for cotton, linen fabric bleach, can not only remove the residual hydrogen peroxide on the fabric, but also the direct staining, compared with the traditional reduction method, high efficiency, can enhance the depth of fabric dyeing, saving water, eliminating the need for 2 to 4 times washing, saving at least about 0.5h. Enzyme on the environment and harmful to humans,

 not only energy saving, nor environmental pollution, textile cleaner production technology.

Catalase per minute can be decomposed into five million hydrogen peroxide molecules, and the low decomposition temperature, save energy. Used catalase to remove hydrogen peroxide, master bath temperature, pH value, enzyme dosage and processing time. Catalase to remove residual hydrogen peroxide, Garden House Flags the optimum conditions were: temperature 20 , pH value of 6 to 8, the amount of enzyme 4ml, processing 15min.

  Has developed a hybrid enzyme has been used in the pre-treatment in cotton, hemp, knitting, dyeing and  enterprises. Example, decomposing enzyme amylase (or polyvinyl alcohol), pectinase, Garden House Flags cellulase and over-catalase combination desizing, scouring and bleaching bath-step process, Buy Cheap Garden Flags  but also shorten the pre-treatment processes, simplifying technology, water conservation, energy conservation, reducing pollution of the environment.

4. Biological enzyme mercerized and washed

The biological enzyme mercerized deal with a technology Cheap Wind Flags  in the state of tension-free cotton fabric with cellulase, compared with the traditional alkaline mercerization technology, Garden House Flags its investment in equipment, process, energy consumption, production costs declined significantly, but no other The mercerized additives, Wholesale Garden Flags no environmental pollution. Fabric after biological enzyme mercerization processing, the fiber tip and the surface of erect fluff are removed, the finish is greatly improved by 5 to 1. The biological enzyme mercerized overflow or airflow dyeing machine can be carried out without a separate home mercerizing equipment without penetrant and concentrated alkali, Patriotic Feather Flags  reducing environmental pollution. Once you master the use of the enzyme a good pH value and the use of fabric strength loss can be kept to a minimum, the treated fabric can obtain permanent softness.

    Biological enzyme washed using a variety of the cellulase all alternative pumice stone denim wash processing. Such cellulase acidic cellulase gene modified cellulase, cold water, Garden House Flags enzyme and neutral enzymes. Biological enzyme washed denim and clothing, do not produce back to contamination, do not wear equipment; neutral enzyme can prevent the dye back to the stain, without the use of anti-staining chemicals, thereby reducing the environmental pollution; biological enzyme washed the garment fabric evenly, but also a strong sense of old; biological enzyme and its decomposition products had no effect on the environment.

(D) electrochemical one bath scouring and bleaching Garden House Flags

Using electrochemical, scouring and bleaching bath processing, cotton fabrics at low temperature, short time so that the whiteness is higher than a conventional degree of processing, opening up new prospects for the short process of the pre-treatment processing.

Electrochemical cook the premise of the bleaching process on the basis of the conventional scouring and bleaching bath application of electrochemical techniques on fabric before. Their processes: impregnated with alkali-oxygen bath solution Garden House Flags water washing drying.

Electrochemical, scouring and bleaching a bath device as shown in Figure 1-14.

Fabric whiteness of the factors in turn influence in the electrochemical scouring and bleaching bath temperature, voltage, and the amount of sodium hydroxide, hydrogen peroxide dosage and time. Figure 1-14 electrochemical device schematic one bath scouring and bleaching Garden House Flags

As a result, the optimal conditions for electrochemical scouring and bleaching:

Temperature 80 ° C

Voltage of 1.2V

Time 80min

Of NaOH 0.3g / L

Of H2O2 3g / L

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