Ocotillo Wells Atv Flag

Ocotillo Wells Atv Flag

Ocotillo Wells Atv Flag

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atv flags   atv lags

atv flags   atv flags


Today's evening delicious Oh!


Tacitly, who also will not ask what it is ocotillo wells atv flag because each placed at the dinner table saw something there is a strong appetite, do not need to know the exact name.


Although the K each will try to explain for us their name from the country, as well as,  Backpack Banner  it is unique.


Will technology, will cooking, have learned, ah, yes, but also ocotillo wells atv flag the second foreign language – Japanese!


K is such a people admire the elderly.


I admire most is not his mastery of the electronic or hand superb cuisine. Custom Made Atv Flags


He's been working hard, do not give up heart.


Elderly, a 60-year-old first came to the United States with his own sweat, the United States played an own sky.


I remind myself, everything is not yet too late.




Thank you for reading Oh! This series of "living in the United States turned the Outer Chapters" – we are so mixed American.


This series focuses on the lifestyle of the newly arrived immigrants, Advertising Feather Flags new, lively things, funny things, misfortune, be presented! ocotillo wells atv flag


Hope you will support, smashing ticket collection!


Feather Flag & Pole & Spike & Base: As low as $49.00 to $59.00 !
Custom 3x5 Flags: As low as $6.00 to $13.50 !
Hand Flags: As low as $0.50 to $1.50 !
Car Flags: As low as $1.00 to $3.00 !
  All pricing based on quantity desired.
Unlimited Colors & No Set-up Fee's!

Minimum Order: 1

 custom printed flags
  • Color:  Any colors are available, Unlimited Colors & No Set-up Fee's!

  • Logo:  Any logos are available

  • Flags Material:   Knitted material / 100% Polyester / Nylon / Cotton / Satin and etc

  • Flagpole Material:  Aluminium alloy / Fiberglass / Wooden / Plastic

  • Normal Flag Size:   2'x3', 3'x5', 4'x6', 5'x8' and can be customized.
  • Hand Flag Size:  5"x8",  8"x12", 12"x18" and can be customized.
  • Car Flag Size:  8"x12", 12"x18" and can be customized.
  • Feather Flag/Teardrop Flag size:
  • S, pole total height is 8.5ft, after setting up, it is about 7ft.  (flag size: about  5.8'x1.3' ) 
    M, pole total height is 11 ft, after setting up, it is about 9.2ft. (flag size: about 7.9'x2.0' )
    L, pole total height is 15.1ft, after setting up, it is about 13ft.  (flag size: about 11.2'x2.3' )
    XL, pole total height is 18.4ft, after setting up, it is about 16ft. (flag size: about 13.5'x2.6' )

  • Delivery Time:    small order – 1 to 2 days, big order – 10 to 15 days

  • Shipping Time:  1 to 2 days to North America, Europe.
  •                                           2 to 3 days to Australia, New Zealand.
  •                                           3 to 5 days to other countries.