Personalized Advertising Flags

Personalized Advertising Flags

Personalized Advertising Flags

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Monochromatic coloring, can take advantage of flooding staining, the staining method and the traditional oxygen much the same than the shading. Personalized Advertising Flags When the card with the text pattern requirement is that the true nature of aluminum silvery, eliminating the need for this process. Beach Flags Poles


(d) Sealing. The sealing is porous and adsorption of dyes oxide react with water to generate water of alumina oxide volume increase, closed surface of the porous, forming a non-conductive film (room temperature resistivity of 109 ohm / cm 2 m). Sealing of the role: to prevent re-adsorption caused by contamination of the film; add colored solid; to improve the surface abrasion resistance and weather resistance. Personalized Advertising Flags


Sealing method: General 6kg/cm2 pressure steam for 15 to 20 minutes can also be heated to 90 ~ 95 ° C,

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nickel acetate, sodium acetate aqueous solution for 15 to 20 minutes. e. Screen  corrosion printed materials. Personalized Advertising Flags Screen  method, a layer of corrosion protection need the text of the protruding part of the pattern on the surface of the  ink layer to protect the coloring sealing the oxide layer. Due to the application of modern advanced plate , the  of the text pattern has been able to protect to the extent of the very fine appearance can even be made of screening halftone images and patterns.


The  method is usually the  is basically the same, but the ink used to select alkali resistance, good ink, the ink is best to use with the board a clear distinction between color, in order to observe the operation. Conjunctival type generally can be oxidized, low-temperature drying type, light-curing metal screen  inks, offset  ink resin ink and paint and a small amount of dry oil preparation. Screen  protect the ink is very critical process, a decision to sign production quality must be the  of clear and complete.


f. Localized corrosion. Corrosive alkaline solution, Personalized Advertising Flags etching away part of the oxide layer is non-silk screen ink protection, corrosion bare aluminum layer. Backpack Banner

Corrosion general with 10% sodium hydroxide solution of the right-right, and the etching time according to the pattern of the text, to ensure that the lines of a complete network, both to no cavitation should oxide layer is completely eroded.


Corrosion is completed, the use of concentrated nitric acid aqueous solution in addition to the net to protect the ink film, exposing the oxide layer is protected. Personalized Advertising Flags


Through the above processing, the system out of a surface corrosion by is not and was convex with non-conductive oxide layer, and etching away the oxide layer has a concave-shaped conductive aluminum layer composed of aluminum, as shown in Figure 4 -14 shown. Personalized Advertising Flags




Figure 4-14 corrosion after aluminum Custom Beach Flags


1 – non-conductive layer (oxide layer) 2 – conductive layer (aluminum)




g. Electrophoretic coating. The above conductive and non-conductive surface of the aluminum into a water-soluble coating solution for electrophoresis. Anodes for the aluminum and iron as the cathode. Be hydrolyzed under the action of the electric force, the paint into a negatively charged ion (resin ion R  COO) moving anode Beach, on the conductive layer of aluminum adsorption and discharge and lose the charge deposited on the concave-shaped aluminum quality surface; this reaction occurs in the non-conductive oxide layer, it is not the adsorption of colloidal particles so as to achieve the purpose of the local coating, shown in Figure 4-15.


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