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Swooper Flags Wholesale Prices, Swooper Flags Wholesale

Swooper Flags Wholesale Prices, Swooper Flags Wholesale

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Swooper Flags Wholesale Prices   Swooper Flags Wholesale

Swooper Flags Wholesale   Swooper Flags Wholesale Prices


The most used solvent evaporation sticky net plastic, this type of plastic with quick-drying solvent, generally 3 to 5 minutes will come to a cement; this plastic can "Tu", can also be pre-coated. The precoat is to pull the net, the first coated with the glue to get in the box surface dry layer; fixed-line when it activated to become sticky, with the appropriate solvent. Domestic use of such glue: acetal plastic, synthetic resin adhesive, Swooper Flags Wholesale Prices 502 glue, perchlorethylene, Flag Maker Online glue and shellac, its activator mostly alcohols, ketones, esters; petrol class as activator, available rubber sticky net plastic.


In addition, there are two-component adhesive and UV curing adhesive for sticky net plastic. The two components of two-component adhesive polymer glue and hardener before use, mix, Personalized Flags  mixing occurs after the chemical reaction and curing, the curing time is longer, it generally takes more than 20 minutes. However, the adhesive layer after curing, high strength, good solvent resistance. Can be used as a network of two-component glue stick a lot of acrylic plastic such as phenolic, epoxy, polyurethane rubber, and unsaturated polyester, such as plastic. Swooper Flags Wholesale Prices


UV curing adhesive is solvent-free glue, used as a stick Network glue advantage is fast drying, strong bond and good solvent resistance, but high-power UV light source (such as ultraviolet light and dysprosium lamps, etc.) must be to facilitate the activities exposure, in order to dry, thus limiting its application.


The strength of the sticky network, in addition to the types of plastic, the performance of the box surface, the adhesive side of the screen frame to clean, to a large surface area. To this end, the surface is too smooth metal frame, aluminum frame, should do the rough treatment, available anodized crude electrolysis can also be used coarse sandpaper or a grinding wheel machinery to fight hair. Roughening the surface in order to prevent oxidation, it is best to use two-component adhesive coated protection. Box surface cleaning, the former in the coated sticky net plastic, Custom Flags Online  with the appropriate solvent (such as ethanol, acetone and refined gasoline, etc.) or detergents will box surface dirt and grease thoroughly washed, Swooper Flags Wholesale Prices dried and can be coated with sticky net plastic.


(3) and cut. The cutting edge should be parallel to the warp and weft threads. To this end, Shredded cut for good.


(4) distribution network folder. The size of the screen frame, configuration and size and number of the selected network folder each side of the combination of network folder within the total length should be shorter than the screen frame side length of about 10cm. The layout of the network folder, the two opposite sides of the network folder number, length and location should be symmetrical; both ends of each side of the screen frame (ie, corner) left blank 5cm, the risk of torn corner can avoid drawing in the net; the gap between the network folder end to small as well; to adjust the jaw screw, so that the network folder clamping force.


Feather Flags Feather Flags Wholesale Custom Feather Flags

Feather Flag & Pole & Spike & Base: As low as $49.00 to $59.00 !
Custom 3x5 Flags: As low as $6.00 to $13.50 !
Hand Flags: As low as $0.50 to $1.50 !
Car Flags: As low as $1.00 to $3.00 !
  All pricing based on quantity desired.
Unlimited Colors & No Set-up Fee's!

Minimum Order: 1

 custom printed flags
  • Color:  Any colors are available, Unlimited Colors & No Set-up Fee's!

  • Logo:  Any logos are available

  • Flags Material:   Knitted material / 100% Polyester / Nylon / Cotton / Satin and etc

  • Flagpole Material:  Aluminium alloy / Fiberglass / Wooden / Plastic

  • Normal Flag Size:   2'x3', 3'x5', 4'x6', 5'x8' and can be customized.
  • Hand Flag Size:  5"x8",  8"x12", 12"x18" and can be customized.
  • Car Flag Size:  8"x12", 12"x18" and can be customized.
  • Feather Flag/Teardrop Flag size:
  • S, pole total height is 8.5ft, after setting up, it is about 7ft.  (flag size: about  5.8'x1.3' ) 
    M, pole total height is 11 ft, after setting up, it is about 9.2ft. (flag size: about 7.9'x2.0' )
    L, pole total height is 15.1ft, after setting up, it is about 13ft.  (flag size: about 11.2'x2.3' )
    XL, pole total height is 18.4ft, after setting up, it is about 16ft. (flag size: about 13.5'x2.6' )

  • Delivery Time:    small order – 1 to 2 days, big order – 10 to 15 days

  • Shipping Time:  1 to 2 days to North America, Europe.
  •                                           2 to 3 days to Australia, New Zealand.
  •                                           3 to 5 days to other countries.