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Alkali resistance: after baking the sample, placed in stainless steel tank, to 9.5% NaOH, 0.5% Na3PO4, 90% distilled water and test solution soak for more than 95 for 6 hours. The Flag Company


Acid resistance: 10% HCI, 120 ° C samples were treated for 10 minutes. Bike Flags For Sale


and b. The chemical composition of the glass frit. Most of the glass frit is composed of two parts, transparent solvent (base glaze) and coloring oxides. The solvent is by pbo (lead oxide), BO2 (boron oxide), SiO2 (silicon dioxide) and a small amount of Na2O (sodium oxide), composed of TiO2 (titanium dioxide) and ZrO2 (zirconium dioxide) of CdO (cadmium oxide), TiO2 . Used to increase the acid resistance of ZrO2 is used to increase the alkali resistance; The Flag Company coloring oxides require the use of the color of the grinding additive added.


Typical chemical composition of the acid and alkali glaze:


PhO, 48.6%; of B2O3, 6.9%; SiO2, 25%; of CdO, 3.6%; of Na2O, 3.2%; TiO2, 2.4%; ZrO2, 6.7%.


Typical chemical composition of non-acid and alkali glaze:


Of PbO, 66.6%; of B2O3, 18.3%; SiO2, 14.8%.


The composition of the coloring oxides (pigments): The Flag Company


Bright blue, of Co2O3 and Al2O3 mixture of calcined; Bicycle Flag Holder


Black, the same amount of Co2O3 and Fe2O3, of CrO3 Additive calcined;


Yellow, of Sb2O3, SnO2, PbO composition;


Blue, green, Cr2O3, CoO, Al2O3, ZnO, mixed calcined.


3 according to the functional classification of screen  inks.  ink on the substrate with the  method performance of images, text materials. On this basis, with the ink of other physical, chemical function, is called "functional inks".



Functional inks can be divided into chemical functional inks and physical function ink.


a. Physical function ink:


Optical functions (LED, LCD, etc.);


Electrical function (conductivity, insulation, etc.);


Heat function (showing temperature, foam, etc.);


Resistance to external functions (blasting shelter, corrosion resistance, etc.);


Transfer function (the transfer)


and b. Chemical functions inks:


Chemical resistance features (corrosion resistance, etc.);


Reaction (redox, thermal decomposition, etc.);


Biochemical function (oxidation).


c function of surface decoration ink: imitation embossed, Antenna Flags Wholesale dull, thin, suede and other decorative processing with the  with ink.


Following a brief introduction to a variety of functional inks. The Flag Company


corrosion Ink. Resist ink is the ink with chemical resistant characteristics. Its role is in the workpiece without treatment (corrosion, electroplating, welding, etc.) part of the pre-, the formation of corrosion-resistant (or resistance plating, solder mask) coating. The representative of the ink used for the production  of the circuit board corrosion-resistant ink, resistant electroplating ink, solder resist ink.


a. Corrosion-resistant ink. This is an acid resistance of resist inks, UV, solvent and water-borne type. UV ink  high efficiency, has now become mainstream. After the , UV curing, and ferric chloride and ammoniated copper corrosion, and then dilute alkali will resist the ink dissolved the divestiture of peeling or swelling. The water-based type is generally steam as aluminum coated corrosion-resistant film.


and b. Resistant plating ink. Production of the  of the board, Hand Waving Flags For Sale the ink of the part of the  in the plating process without plating is plating resistant ink, solvent-resistant plating ink and UV resistant plating ink.


(c) The solder resist ink. Solder mask ink is good ink, of the lines and graphics on the board  whose role is to prevent the corrosion of the circuit to prevent the insulation performance degradation caused by moisture, to prevent the solder adhesion in the unwanted part to prevent the copper solder bath pollution. This ink heatset and UV type.


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  • Flags Material:    100% Polyester/ Nylon/ cotton/ satin/ knitting and etc

  • Flagpole Material:  Iron/ Plastic/ Fiberglass/ Wooden

  • Normal Sizes:    2'x3',3'x5', 4'x6', 5'x8' and can be customized.

  • Delivery Time:    small order – 1 to 5 days, big order – 10 to 15 days

  • Shipping Time:    4 to 7 days to America or Europe.

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