Standard Flag Size

What Is The Standard Flag Size, Standard Flag Size

What Is The Standard Flag Size, Standard Flag Size

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What Is The Standard Flag Size   Standard Flag Size


(d) the viscosity of the paste certain requirements, What Is The Standard Flag Size the viscosity is too large to cause the products and network sticky ride, formation of misregistration and drag version of overlap and should therefore be adjusted to a good paste viscosity and consistency.


e. Generally use 50% recycled rubber squeegee strip to the board. Thickness, hardness and width of the scraper, as well as flexible and withstand the effects of pressure on the size of the  quality very thick scratch very high hardness, elasticity is poor, squeegee pressure, suitable for printed fine ideas and lines pattern; Wholesale Custom Printed Flags What Is The Standard Flag Size thinner rubber to the plate flexibility, suitable for India field pattern; a narrow squeegee elastic differential pressure regulator is room for small, thin and wide rubber scraper soft and weak in the , graphic edge is not smooth version looking The slurry income without a net, the impact of the  effect. The angle of the scraper appropriate to the reverse side of the screen does not penetrate the front and quit version as appropriate. According to the structure of different fabrics and different patterns to choose different angle scraper and squeegee angle. Fine pattern generally scraping edge angle should not be too large, scraping the rough pattern, the edge angle. What Is The Standard Flag Size


f. The use mesh can not be too large, otherwise the paste is easy to block the mesh, prior to the  paste to use than the low One of the filter plate with mesh before use. Standard Flag Size






Third, a variety of  method Custom Screen Printing Flags




A. Paint directly on the . Paint directly on the  is modulated  paste directly printed on the fabric, which is the simplest and most commonly used in the  process technology. Paint directly on the  process is generally printed on a white or light-colored fabric, mixed colors facilitate the process is simple, printed after the baking treatment can apply to a variety of fiber textiles. Paint directly on the  process is frequently used in the adhesive can be divided into Akelaming F-type adhesive. Acrylic adhesives, latex, and chitin binder three direct  process. Standard Flag Size


The Akelaming F-type adhesive  method. Akelaming F-type adhesive is manufactured by the Bayer chemical company in the Federal Republic of Germany, is a water-dispersible adhesive. By FWR in Akelaming and Ake Rameau W of two components, the adhesive composition, characteristics of the conjunctiva at lower temperatures, Flag Manufacturers is a low temperature adhesive is more convenient to use, suitable for .


Akelaming FWR a white powder dissolved in acid, not affected by temperature change. In use before the first addition of alcohol, invasion and then adding acetic acid and water into a thick pulp, its film-forming acetic acid and water loss through the high temperature, the formation of insoluble film this film is transparent and colorless.


The Ake Rameau W white emulsion of an oil / water phase, its chemical and lively, film speed, at lower temperatures under the conjunctiva. In a different color under the action of heat, light, less, and gradually changed from yellow to brown and tan. Ake Rameau W emulsion intolerance to cold, strong adhesive force of the femoral. What Is The Standard Flag Size


FWR in Akelaming and Ake Rameau W are thermoplastic linear polymer. They are generated by coating abrasion fastness is not good enough, need to use the cross-linking agent from the crosslinking reaction to increase the degree of shares MU degree.


Ake Rafi Alex FH often referred to as the crosslinker FH is a transparent viscous liquid. Crosslinking reaction in order to improve the fastness of film can easily occur with FWR in Akelaming and Ake Rameau W Ake Rafi Alex FH is a thermosetting resin, and usage should not be too much, or feel stiff at high temperatures.


a.  paste formulations.


10% Akelaming FWR pulp 14% to 20%


Abu Ringbom Award A X% X%


Ake Rameau W 14% 20%


Paint <5% 5 to 10%


Urea (1:1) 10% 10% What Is The Standard Flag Size


Alex FH, Abu Trevor Nunn 1.7% 100% 2.5% 100%


and b. Mixing method.


Mixing bucket to take 10% Akelaming FWR pulp, join Ake Pradesh pulp A dilute, Cheap Flag Printing while adding while stirring, then add Ake Rameau W.


Urea solution and paint slurry mixture, add to the above mixed adhesive side is added while stirring.


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